before et apres...

good morning!
we just had a great weekend with skatie
and their "baby" little mags. 
and it has been a busy couple of weeks and for that, i apologize but today is a day full of sharing!

last week, my friend ashley (of a.poole photography- she's great!) and i found some great patio furniture for her and of course, smarten!ed it up...
well, here are the before and afters.

it ended up being a little trickier than we would have liked because the color scheme that had been decided upon was apparently not coming in the rust-o-leum spray cans that were, obviously, preferred.
so we had to prime it with rust-o-leum, then roll paint it.
quite the task but with jaymay
playing in the background, we got it done!
here are the after.
adorable if we do say so ourselves...

ashley did a great job styling and i cant wait to go over for a porchside picnic.
i am now off to organize my home before i am off to the big city this weekend!
more details to come!

ps- will someone please tell me why my copy is underlined at the end of my posts?

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