a spring in my step.

we had a wonderful spring break.
down to central florida we traveled and were welcomed with loving arms and a long list of activities.
we went to the brevard zoo. a wonderful zoo for families with small children.

one of the joys of living in florida is being able to watch launches.
i am continually amazed at the men who imagine and create things that can go in to space.
in my opinion, they are men of genius.
this photo was taken by vampire.
way to go photog.

i got new place mats at good ole tjmaxx.
i think they welcome in spring quite splendidly.

little mini jars that jeffrey and i received as party gifts from the mushas shower.
they were filled with powdered lemonade so i dumped that and have decided to stencil and paint them, turning them in to great votive holders. tune in for those tomorrow.
have a great afternoon.

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