ive been gone so long.

its true that for the past few weeks i have been practically dead in the blog world. (still pumpin real blood) but now i am back! and with exciting life news! this summer we will be moving! jeffrey has found a great job that will give him tons of experience and so we are moving, but just for the summer to cocoa beach/orlando! 
this will be a stressful little move but we are very excited for this opportunity and while it isnt nyc (picture above) it will be fun.
so while i get creative the next few weeks there will be many updates and then darby's weddding and then we will be tallahassee-less for 3 months!

also, skatie might be coming this weekend and they found a holga for $2.00!!!! get excited for that goodness right there.

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  1. i can't wait! you'll only be 3 hours away!! :) love you! let me know how/if i can help with the move