the past few days i have been feeling very increative.
like my juices just arent flowing. but this weekend, for just a split second, i felt it.
i had myself a little me night while jeffrey was out with his buddies for the night and i got a little domestic. i borrowed my dear friend sarah's cupcake cookbook and attempted to bake "caramel cupcakes".
at first i was slightly distraught because it called for both dark brown sugar and dark corn syrup and i own only light of both of these, but i pressed on, thinking it would change only the color. oh dear. then i assumed all flour was "self rising". oh man.
so the cupcakes turned out flat, dense and not tasting like caramel. but i never turn down sugar so i ate one, watched rachel getting married. had a good couple of cries and slept.
the next day i felt great.
just goes to show that every woman needs 2 thing;

1- alone time
2- a good cry (accompanied by sweets is you choose haha)

i am still without embarq. i feel cut off. so i travel two blocks to the redeye and blog. ohh the things in life we take for granted.

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