you know that 20 minutes between eating and swimming?

yeah well, my twenty minutes is lasting a little longer than expected. as much as i love this blog, many things have been hindering its progress lately. mainly; we do not have internet, i am exhausted/sick all of the time and lastly, i have been thinking up a way to change the face of smarten! i mostly want to focus on food and the home since those are things i love but i feel i have gotten a little sidetracked. 

so for now, wallow in the temporary loss of a daily smarten! update but do not take drastic measures for i will be back. bigger and fatter (for real) than ever.

ps- i found this photo on flickr when i searched 'pregnant'. the title of the picture is "meeting the pregnant princess of the forest" and that is what i would like to be. 

photo via flickr   

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