the wadding.

the wadding this weekend (wedding pronounced like Frank from father of the bride) was delightful. tallahassee decided to forego its usual deathlike heat and 100 percent humidity and blanketed the day with coolness and sunshine. 

allie and skyler were the epitome of love and happiness and we were all glad to share in their day. they are now happily honeymooning in barcelona!

photo courtesy of lindsey vinson, the photographer

on a side note, i am feeling very nesty today so i have already cleaned most of my house, out away all of the laundry, taken little bear to a doc appt (where i refused the h1n1 vaccine and my doc told me i was being dumb...any mothers with me?) and will soon be dusting the ceiling fans and rearranging our bedroom!

and i might make something interesting for dinner tonight so perhaps a recipe tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. BEAUTIFUL picture! i'm so happy for the two of them!

    and i'm not a mom, obviously :) but i totally agree with NOT getting the h1n1 vaccine! i feel like people are hyping it up and making it a bigger deal than it really is..

    i'm excited to see your newly arranged bedroom in TEN days!!! i seriously CAN NOT WAIT to see YOU! i miss you!