time to run.

this evening i am sitting home, alone.

the boys are at a florida state basketball game (season opener!) and me, well, all i can do at this point n my pregnancy is  cry at everything that is everywhere.

new keeping up with the kardashians episode? bawling.
"precious" preview? SOBBING.
thinking about doing the dishes? a slow sob really.

BUT something that i have been planning for and NOT crying about is this...

the National Half Marathon in washington dc! and im going to run it! yay! it isnt until the end of march so i will have plenty of time to train after baby and i think we might make it a family road trip! not all the plans are nailed down yet but im running and that IS certain!

so for anyone else who is this pregnant and cant watch tv or walk outside without crying, gimme a call girl, we can cry together haha.

photo courtesy of national half marathon website

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