today i realized we were having another baby. 

yes, i am very aware that we have KNOWN about said baby since april but today when someone at church asked when i was due and i responded with "only 7 weeks left!" my heart actually almost dropped in to my stomach ( which at this point is not far ).

dont get me wrong, i am beyond excited, i am over the moon for this little girl already. however, i am terrified. 

TWO kids?! ummmm, i dont know how to do that! that requires balance, and patience and being really on top of things...all things that with only one child, are a little more gracious.

i organized all of her belongings that she has accumulated thus far and as is my way, i did it by sizes and i just started to lose it. my husband makes fun of me for all the blogging i do (or dont) and i the blogs i read but i have recently been finding a lot of inspiration in some other bloggers who are mothers and who are christians and they remind me of how easily i forget that i am not alone. HECK, i am not even in charge! nor do i control one thing in my life.

this is a relief. i know that God will not give me more than i can handle and that we can do this. we are raising children and we are building His kingdom. and at the end of every exhausting  day, He is there. yay!

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