blogging from a new land...a lake-land.

this is me last night...when the hubs actually ASKED me if i had blogged lately. WHAT? you have an interest in this thing called the blog world and what I DO in it? (its half afraid, half excited, half tired)

ANYWHO. ive been absent, its obvious. because we haaave;

-celebrated Campbell's 9 month birthday, which was quickly followed by remembering that its been 9 whole freaking months without her.
-had no internet
-been cut down to one car, and im not the primary user of it.
-been unpacking
-been sleeping
-been tired
-been making friends (HA, i wish!)

but we are here. and now we are WWW connected! and i almost INSTANTLY regretted it, the second we were but oh well. the house is almost "done", except the curtains that i (okay, my mom) am making. but generally pretty good. im back to regular posting ( hahaha which means like every 3 days ) but really, im just back. and it feels so good.

PS- we went to a new church yesterday and we liked it, and im pretty sure i initiated myself by BAWLING the entire message. just an fyi.

SMARTEN TIP (4) : when trying to meet new friends, its not recommended that you claim the title of "crying mom" RIGHT away. you MAY, just may, seem like you are super emotionally needy. try to wait and spring that one on them after the first playdate.


  1. kathleen, i miss you and your witty comments. your couch and wall decor are fab! just.like.you. :)

  2. teri, i miss you too. i also miss kickbutt and random sangria nights. i would like to have those again, oh wait, no friends here in the lake-land. hahaha.