i made a pillow. woopie!

since its been all quiet on the blog front, i thought id share a sumthin sumthin i made (with the assistance of mi madre) yesterday. its a pillow. i like it. the rosettes are made of vintage fabric and vintage buttons that i found rifling through my moms fabric basket. i saw some seriously old fabric while looking in there but was informed that the black one that i chose is actually from holland! cool! so, here it is. its one pillow and, like i said, i think its pretty darn cute. have a happy wednesday evening!

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  1. Your Dad, Pat, shared this link with me. I think your whole place is pretty darn cute! Loving your eclectic / vintage style! Keep writing and letting the sun shine in. I have been following your story from the outside. A picture of your precious girl is hanging in my kitchen, and I am praying for you.

    In Him,

    Julie in Virginia