i just cant help myself.

have you seen Splendid Littles for Target? its so really cute stuff. not a huge variety, but splendid is known for their stripey looks and soft fabrics anyways. anywho, i picked up these cute little onesies for baby bear today while we were at tarjay getting the essentials (which always seems to include a little something extra...hmm i know im not alone in this one)

im trying to hold back because we do already have so much boy stuff (you know, from that other boy child we have :) but really, they will be different sizes during different seasons sooo, im holding on to that so i can buy cute stuff. i wont even mention what i already bought at gap...haha woops.

photo from target

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  1. Those are adorable! I can't wait to meet the new little bear!! And we will be so close. So excited.