holy smokes, ten weeks to baby.

welp, here we are at 27 weeks (and a day).
we went to a birthday party for a 4 year old friend today and while i didnt wear these heels, they are pretty great.
i got them at marshalls and i love them.
thats just an fyi.
baby wise, im feeling great still.
it was hard to buckle these shoes, but walking in them was a breeze!
also, until i saw these pictures, i hadnt realized how fat my face was but hey, such is the game of growing a child.

we have had a pretty great weekend and but for the fact that it got up to like 94 today, its been nice out.
ill do a weekend recap tomorrow but for now i leave you with  pregnant-picture-face...


  1. Kathleen you are the cutest. This picture is adorable....you are such a cute little preggo fashonista! :)

  2. yay for baby! so glad you are still feeling great :) you look beautiful! love you

  3. yeah for serious, you look awesome pregnant! i can only hope i my legs and arms look as good as yours! i'm glad you're feeling great too! and you look tan and your face doesn't look fat silly.