too cool for school.

i promise im not ignoring blog world. though, except for a few, i kind of am. i really hate (sorry if that seems strong) those people who LIKE to say "ohhh im so so busy poor me" and make life just a little bit more diffcult for themselves because really, i have time to blog, i just havent. our house is being tented for termites this weekend (yay!) and its Easter week and jeffrey has been extra busy with work and stuff but the good news is kids, the jogger is fixed! so now jbear and i can run (okay okay, its walking at this point) whenever we darn well please! so im going to take myself a little holiday until this weekend. ive got food to bag up and furniture to cover, all while teaching the real meaning of Easter in a genuine and interesting way to my 3 year old all while trying to NOT eat cadbury mini eggs and grow a kid. so tricky, this motherhood thing.

and yes, those are Christmas pj's my kid is wearing. they still fit, dont judge.

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