i really dont prefer catsup.

well im going to play a little "catch up" here. (you like that?  that play on words in the title? bc really, i dont prefer either the condiment or the game)

here goes...

we had Easter hmm what, like a week and a half ago? 
yeah seems right.
and right before that (and during) our has was tented for termites.
and is now bug free!
and then we came home...
and jbear starts t-ball in a couple weeks (cant wait to see how that turns out).
and ive gained a ridiculous amount of weight with this baby and im not even eating pints of ice cream or anything! 
what the what? 
and i feel like i should be having this babe tomorrow but no, weve got 7 1/2 ish more weeks.
annnd i think that its.
man, are we uneventful.
here are some photos, enjoy.

 our first tomato from our garden. so proud, we shared it with my fam.
 pre egg hunt. excitement + exhaustion = this look.
 picking up the pace...
and finding the sneaky ones. sorry for my sisters butt in the background, what can you do?

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