yesterday i actually gave it some effort but, i forgot to take a picture. i had a little "girls night" with a friend and though it was hot (we sat outside) it was so so nice.

today was meltdown day for jbear plus im feeling awwwwwful so after netflix' parenting duties were over, we baked. a mud cake , a blueberry coffee cake (stored in freezer for post baby visitors) and stuffed shells (half eaten, half frozen). ive got myself a tiny freezer stockpile! but really, jbear is my little chef. not only is he actually pretty helpful (he doesnt throw things wherever, but in the desired location) but he loves it. and since cooking is one of my favorite things, i can think of nothing better to share with him.

im huge, my hairline looks oddly man-ish (and it probably doesnt help that i am wearing a mans shirt) and im wearing no makeup whatsoever. whatever, i have 7 days left before baby brother is here and i. cant. wait.

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