the 4th and life.

our 4th of july included and impromptu carport bbq with the neighbors (it was raining), sparklers, feeding a baby and all of us passing out from sheer exhaustion.

when the boys were doing sparklers, i was inside with carrick but jeffrey got these cute shots of jackson. he is getting so big, especially in comparison to a baby.
he even buckles himself in his carseat! ( i cheeeeeck, dont worry)
jeffrey and i have been doing all we can to make him feel special and loved but i still feel a little sad that the special "me and him" adventure days are gone, for a little while at least.

 and here is the little peanut.
he loves that binky.
probably because its almost as big as his face.
he is sleeping like a champ, i actually have to wake him up to eat!

so thats us lately.
i have a husband in there somewhere too. oh yeah, and a week or so ago, i had a birthday.
yay me!


  1. uhhhh he's so adorable. im impressed at the frequency of your blogging! good job :)

  2. haha i know! im on a roll and i plan to keep it that way!