first day of "p school"

monday was jbears first day of pre school.
he had been asking me for weeks before the actual start date if "today was the day he started p school"
and finally, the day came.
i had been forewarned that i was not to cry and that being brave was a very special thing for mommies to do. (the parenting talk is all reciprocated ha)
he loves it. 
he knows all the songs they sing in class.
he teachers think he is sweet and polite (which he is, thank you very much).
and today, as i was chatting with his teacher, she casually mentioned that during centers they play music and while jackson was in the 'home center' (area with the kitchen and stuff) , he started break dancing and pulled other kids in for a family dance party.
way to go buddy, i love you.

this was the morning of first day; looks a little strung out maybe?
 i gave him a choice of two shirts. he chose the collared one with buttons so he could be "extra fancy" for school.
 and now for three hours every morning, i get some alone time with this guy...
cant complain.

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