ill take the baby, please.

its been awhile, eh? i see these women who have babies plus other kids and they just keep on blogging like it aint no thang. thats apprently, not me. at the end of each day im out. of everything. inspiration, energy, words. but i read jami and i think "i should do this! if not for me, for the boyss!" so for the boys it is.

 how about a quick recap of the past month?
2 months

3 months
hanging out with momma on the bed

 you are the sweeeeetest little baby and everyday we all say how very very thankful we are for you. even your big brother says "you are just too tute! we have to teep you!"
you are the happiest baby ive ever met, always smiling and laughing, plus you are the bomb dot com sleeper! what more could a mother ask for!?
we love you so much little buddy and cant believe how big you are getting:)
love, mom

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