steal of a deal.

look here at this pillow.

so cute, right?
my madre and i were perusing some home decor mags a few weeks ago and i was thinking i wanted a pillow update in the house.
how perfect that one of the mags had a whole article/collection of cool pillows!
the one i liked was 70 bucks! per pillow! and i wanted 2!
i know for designers and such, that is probably a cheap deal but for me, that is steep.
 week later my mom calls me from calico corners and says they have the same exact fabric.
so what would have cost me $140.00 plus shipping i got for $20 a yard, already had two 26x26 pillow forms from ikea (that they no longer sell, so so sad) and my total was $22 dollars a pillow.

plus, that baby is pretty rockin too.
and i got a great deal on him. haha.

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