please excuse this interruption in our broadcast.

ive been feeling a little less than inspired lately.
in my home, my cooking, myself as both a mom and a wife.
i needed a little shaking up.
2 weekends ago, carrick and i went on a girls weekend to nyc for my sisters and aunts birthdays.
i was shaken.
i really love new york.
everything about it, even the sketchy side streets in midtown that you accidentally end up on, with a baby.
if the opportunity came up, jeffrey and i would take the boys and live there, for a while at least.
but what i realized was that i dont NEED to live there to have an interesting life.
there are people here that i can build relationships with
and i can MAKE food here that can be just as exciting as some chefs. (okay, maybe)
and i can make life exciting for my boys HERE.
where i am.
where we are.
i already dont have a car so its practically like living in the city. 
(go ahead and laugh out loud. its nothing like the city)

so please excuse my brief blogging break.
it seems that i had to find myself.

oh yes i did get them matching jammies.


  1. jammies are so cute! i've heard lakeland is the second NYC.

  2. I want to snuggle those cuties in their PJ's. =) Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend! =)