weekender {tuesday edition}

the weekend was great. we are all healthy (knock on wood), it was beautiful out and we really had no agenda. saturday morning, jeffrey and i took turns doing kid-less runs, went for a family bike ride to the park, ate chipotle and watched friday night lights on netflix (we love it and are almost done, sadly). sunday was an adventure out to pass a grille beach with friends and it was so good to be outside, especially on the beach, for the afternoon. a weekend where we got out and did stuff instead of just "relaxing around the house".

did i mention how much carrick loved the beach? and instantly took to the sand, instead of being freaked out like i was as a small child (ive got the picture to prove it around here somewhere...) and how jackson is a little beach bum and despite the fact that it is january and windy he was still in and out of water like it was no big deal and i had to force the kid into a hoodie. 
man, we love the beach.

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