this summer we went on vacation with jeffreys family.
all of his family, was born and raised in michigan.
they have all since, moved to other delightful places but we thought, hey!
lets go back and see this beautiful place!
(i had never been)
and it was really, truly great.

first, the road trip.
thats right, 24 fun filled hours in my mother in laws odyssey.
all i can say is, thank goodness i didnt have to drive.
 an early morning visit t detroit rockcity! 
this began our vacation of eating.
we had delicious greek pastries and a sketchy real breakfast then made our way to rochester hills...
 where we began the drinking (and more eating).
after a massive whole foods trip with my sister in law and seriously jamming out to some xm radio air musique (thank you canada!)
we headed north to the lake house...
where there was a lot of manliness...

a lot of geronimoes...

and a lot, a lot of fires and fun.

we fished, we swam, we went to mackinac island which was beautiful and while there we visited the old fort and somebody learned to walk...(that face is so bizarre and yet so endearing- probably because of the snorting it accompanies)

on the way home we stopped through ann arbor and jeffrey and i are in love.
it may have made it on to our "possible places to live" list.
okay, it definitely did.

what have you been doing this summer?

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