can i just tell you...

that my baby is 15 months.
well, technically 15 months and 5 days but thats only because im a slow turtle.
carrick is truly on his way to toddlerhood (its a word, i swear)
and is an excellent fit thrower, has begun hitting and laughing about it and proudly fights back with his brother.
thats not to say that he isnt the softest, most lovable little munchkin still.
he totally is.
a few things about our kiddo:

instead of saying hi, he now always says "hewooo!"
this kid always wants to be outside
he is still crazy over Jackson- whenever he wakes up he immediately calls out Jacksons name and goes looking for him
still. freaking. nursing. (working on it bc for me it seems like 15 months is enough)
loves to "color" 
pulls himself on to the couch with his blankie (who he looooves) and a book and sits looking at the book for a good 5 minutes. i die.

he is practically an artist. see?


  1. ack! hewoo! i die a thousand times! also i hope dax nurses that long, or longer. (though i might change my tune when he's that old!)

  2. They get too big too fast! My little Isaac just turned two and has MASTERED the terrible twos already (thanks to his 3-year-old sister). But at least he knows how to defend himself now. LOL