back in the saddle.

it seems somewhat ridiculous to attempt to re-cap over four months of life on here, but upon request (okay two people) i have decided to jump back in the saddle. even though ive read on about a million blogs that "blogging is changing" and "social media is the new blogging", i still kinda like it. plus, im not really that trendy anywho. so, lets do this, shall we?

i guess we could start with our most pressing news...ahem, its a baby. yep, another baby boy is making me friggin fat again, surprise! its taken me a while ( about 3 months) to really wrap my head around another baby when we kinda (okay totally) werent expecting it, but i think im getting there. plus, the boys are beside themselves excited.

my mom and i have been pretty busy over here, which is also pretty darn exciting.

umm jeffrey todd and i went on our first ever trip without children to upstate new york and vermont and that was delightful.

wow, im super out of order butt...on our sweet Campbell's third ( i know, its been three years and i still cant believe how quickly its gone by and yet how long it feels ive been without her) birthday, my brother proposed to his longtime girlfriend and she said yes! so come december, this whole fam is going to be wedding mode! ( i realized i was pregnant on the ten hour drive home from birmingham btw. with screaming kids in the backseat. a joyous moment, to be sure.)

oh! jeffrey todd is running his first half marathon this weekend! and yeah, im going to carbo load with him. its the LEAST i can do.

and now here we are. 5 months until new baby. 4 months until my current baby is 2. just a small amount of time before my oldest boy is in kindergarten (?!) and throw some weddings in between there and basically life is going way to fast for me.

but im going to try smarten! readers, i swear. im going to try!

second photo by sarah of 1313 photography


  1. I'm so happy you're back to blogging! i've been waiting :)
    love you and the kiddies!

  2. you're baaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!! :) i'm so beyond excited about thistle and tulle! LOVE.ING.IT. and of course i'm so super excited about new baby :) love you!