our little family.

it would be lying if i said i hadnt been "inspired to blog" lately. im actually feeling full of inspiration (more lack of energy at this point) and my brain/body are in full nesting mode. but really, before we embark on adding another little body of testosterone to this household, im trying to really just enjoy our family as it is now. we have this flow going, a good routine and jeffrey and i feel like we've "got this". hahaha i laugh because of course right when we feel that way, its alllllll about to change. anyways, here are some of my favorite shots that sarah, ashley and reagan took back in february. our family as it is now- 4 here, 1 in heaven and one growing. 
ps- go here for our family photos from last year!

seriously, i love these boys.
all photos by 1313 photography 


  1. omgoshhh look how big the boys are! jeff's beard! & you're pretty!

  2. such a beautiful family :) LOVE you guys!

  3. Kathleen! These are beautiful! Your growing family is so precious. Also - awesome job on that fishtail braid!