trash to treasure, yo.

you guys, after a seriously long and pretty crappy day last week, jeffrey and i took the boys downtown for pizza and then drove around the lake, looking for homes like we always do. and some silly person had gone through their garage (treasure trove) and thrown out furniture! and, to be honest, a lot of other crap too (floppy disks!) and i found me a something that i liked!
we had been "needing" (its all relative) a sideboard/buffet type thing in the dining room for a steal, aka free, and this piece fit the bill. so i went to lowe's, grabbed some paint, rifled through my knob collection to come up with a random assortment of clearance anthro knobs that i seem to accumulate and the hubs painted it for me. what a winner, am i right?
so, here she is. literal trash to treasure! and yes, it houses the lego police station- it must be protected from little brother.

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  1. I LOVE it! It's so pretty! gotta love free furniture, that's how I have most of my pieces too :)