my little man (refer below for details)

so welcome to smarten! this is, quite obviously, the first blog and there will be many many more to come! for my first hello to the world i thought i would introduce you to the main characters in ma vie...

first we have the man of the house. the love of my life (cheesy) and ive known it from the start. a man of smarts and dashingly good looks, he is always thinking and planning something out in that big head of his and dont you know i love him for it! my husband...

                                                                         jeffrey todd!

and the second man in my life is not as much a man yet as he is a hilarious, vacuuming, babbling, human garbage disposal of a toddler. here he is ladies and gents...

jackson david!

okay so actually he ended up at the top of today's post because i am still new to how this all works but either way, he's there in all his adorable glory! so we are headed to rockledge, fl tomorrow for thanksgiving with jeffrey's family and im hoping to get a post in but it will be sans pictures most likely unless i find something full of inspiration or an awesome desk i can smarten! up. ive been looking for a desk and my goodwill industries of america has yet to provide me with the perfect piece of someone else's junk!

but until then here is a recipe i made up today when i attempted to make bobby flay's grilled stuffed portobello mushrooms and decided not to grill or buy the things i needed...

wild rice and portobello mushroom salad(y):

one cup organic wild rice (cooked)
half a red onion (chopped as small or large as you'd like)
3 portobello mushroom caps
1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper
course sea salt

i cook the rice with some vegetable stock instead of water to add a little more flavor but that is up to you...cut the portobellos in like 1/2 inch chunks and sautee with olive oil, salt (amount is according to taste), pepper and cayenne pepper, for a little kick. the combine chopped red onion, i like mine chunky, and portobellos and add the rice. toss together then cover the bowl with foil for 5ish minutes. this lets all of onion and woodsiness of the portobellos steam together and it tasted way better after i let it sit. 

serves 2-3

have a great thanksgiving and i will see you soon!

ps- the wonderful picture of jackson was taken by rebekah hood of kallima photography. she is amazingly gifted and we were so blessed to have been able to take family pictures with her for jackson's first birthday! way to go rebekah! haha.

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