"aunt" sarah! for a second...

so yesterday our plan was to leave as soon as possible in order to beat the the traffic that i knew i would not be thankful for. but "aunt" sarah slowed us down, thank goodness! one of my dearest friends, sarah, was near town at her family's farm for thanksgiving and when she let me know she would be in town for real, i knew we had to do breakfast! so we met up with our friend audra at the delicious canopy road cafe where jackson and i devoured the sweet potato pancakes...mmmmm mmm.

the pancakes, on the way to their final resting place.

the beautiful ladies j and i dined with. audra (l) and sarah (r).
one of the first people jackson ever truly recognized was sarah. my poor mother was heartbroken at the time, but she now revels in the fact that he chooses her over me. anywho, "aunt" sarah is one of our favorite people ever ever and jackson was so excited to see her! move back to us sarah!

now i must go back to reality because nap time is almost over and its time for the friends to arrive and entertainment to be provided! so i will leave you with this, my thankful list!

it may sound cheesy but i am thankful, so thankful, for a healthy family.
for a husband who loves the Lord.
for my creative mind.
for my beautiful child. 
for adventures.

happy thanksgiving! give love!

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