happy december!

it is december!!

the little man looking uber handsome on thanksgiving.
here he is as we speak, yelling at me for not giving him another piece of almond butter toast!

this is the adorable face i got to look at on the drive down to central fla.

today is the first day of december. hooray! today we get to break out the christmas decor box and i can set up shop! even though i get to do all of that, i will still be a little sad because we will not be purchasing a tree this year since we will be gone most of the christmas season. but do not fear fellow douglas fir smelling lovers! today jackson and i are off to the christmas tree vendors to ahem, steal any lost branches or purchase them, if we must!
this year's decor theme: green and gold...i want the house to radiate warmth and i just love the angelic feel of white lights and gold accents.mmmm.

so i guess now i must jump wayyyy back to thanksgiving. it was a warm and lovely florida holiday. jeffrey and i watched the entire 5th season of entourage (best yet) and jackson was doted upon and chased the "ditty" aka kitty around the house. 

then something wonderful happened...big jeff (father in law) decided to brave black friday, something i dont do, and surprised us with a new camera! not just any camera, an awesome freaking camera! i am in love with it and have already taken about 200 pictures and as soon as i figure out how to download the pics on here i will put some up. mm it captures delicious light and i can look through and eyehole and not a stupid screen, but the screen is there if i choose. 

soon i will remember how to move these pictures to where i want them on my post but for now i am going to play with my new camera and then to play with payton and tiffany!

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