the long day that i no longer mind.

today is tuesday . there has never really been anything special about tuesday. it has always felt like an odd and cold day to me until this semester. this semester, it is the day where jeffrey is gone for about 12 hours and at first, it drained me. but NOW, i love it. it means that i get to spend the whole day with lil j and now that ive started to work some nights, i can truly truly appreciate it. so blah blah im a mushy mom, yay me!

i mentioned the other day that we received a new camera for christmas...well ive begun to learn how to use it but the lovely ashley p. took this adorable pic of jackson yesterday...she is actually good at the whole taking picturs thing, shes in a class and everything!

this picture courtesy of ashley poole.

here are a few that i took the day i got it. that was a fun day. jeffrey and i saw the movie role models the night before and were inspired by their fantasy land sword fighting so we found two old canes and went at it in the front yard. be both lost and arm and a leg and in the end i surrendered.  here he is victorious...

as i sit here, drinking coffee, watching regis and kelly, waiting for the ups man and enjoying nap time. i am 
1) loving tuesdays again
2) wishing i had my wool socks (audra :) )
3) excited to wrap presents today (pics tomorrow) because it is possibly my FAVORITE part of the gift giving season and i get to do it with tiffany!
and lastly 4) ready to show you how i think jackson will follow in the footsteps if his forefathers and become an engineer...

here he is learning to unlock the wheels on his jogger...i then proceeded to take him on a jog. brr.

annnnd lastly you get to meet two more members of my family...the other girls, my mom and sister! the sun was giving me, yes just me, some awesomely delicious light and so we decided to have a serious photo shoot and here are the lovely ladies.

remember! pics tomorrow of my wrapped gifts, hopefully they will give you inspiration to forego paying the girl at the table in the mall and to go home and use what you have to creatively wrap your heartfelt gifts!

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