yesterday i lost a freckle.

yesterday i wore blue eyeliner and did NOT look like a lisa frank picture. yesterday i did NOT wrap my christmas presents ( i knew i couldnt be that early with getting things done ). yesterday i made a delicious lunch for myself and my men. and yesterday, i lost a freckle. no joke. i was blow drying my bangs ( a necessity for any bang sporter ) and noticed that one of the freckles on my forehead looked weird and then, it fell off. someone tell me if i am dying of the lost freckle disease or if not, thats just strange.

yesterday jackson also got his cozy coupe from nana and gramp! it is his late birthday present because they had to ship it to us but its here! he couldnt wait, literally could NOT wait, for his first ride and actually isnt asleep right now for his nap probably because his thoughts are consumed with cozy coupe fairies.

checking out his new ride. styyyylin.
beep beep. right before he started banging his head on the horn. this is a new trend by the way. he bangs his head on everything.
so before the cozy coupe arrived, i had to make lunch for lil j and i and this is what i came up with. farfalle pasta with red peppers, broccoli yellow onions, spinach and sunflower seeds with a lemon garlic saucy thing. we took some to daddy at the engineering school and overall it was a success.

cooking tip: i use yellow onions during the winter because they have a warmer, nuttier flavor and red onions during then summer because they have a little more of a bite. i know a lot of people who dont know a lot about onions so i just thought id share this.

yesterday i also decided to take a picture of myself and my new camera. he needs a name, that camera. but here we are. ooh and im wearing my new anthropologie hat which i like very much. 
this is me. i do this face a lot, ask anyone.
 sooo tomorrow i promise, i say that like anyone reads this, that i will have my presents wrapped and looking adorable annd a little sneak peek of the christmas presents i am making for our families out of old fans that i made jeffrey take from the neighbors trash. awesome. so have a lovely day and until tomorrow, we part!

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  1. as someone who has a plethora of freckles, i wonder- how is it possible to lose a freckle? has this happened to me and i have not noticed?

    also. i suggest you write a post about how you wrap presents. i am very incompetent when it comes to these things, as you know.