a tree-less christmas.

this morning my lip is swollen. which means  have to figure out what chaptsick i am newly allergic to. what really stinks is i already know...its carmex, my fave. ehhh i feel so out of it today that i am just going to do this...

this is our tree-less christmas. so sad. so so sad.
these are our presents. well the first of them...its a minimal christmas this year. but i like it that way. and oh man do i love giving gifts.
later on that night, jeffrey and jackson had a seriously hilarious scare/tickle fight. here they are looking adorable.

and then, to end the night with some skin, lil j ran around naked.
if you dont love a naked baby then you have obviously never seen one. they are so cute and when the little belly sticks out so far you would swear something was living in there, you cannot help but raspberry that little tums.

so have a lovely weekend, i will be here tomorrow but it may also be a quick one because SKATIE is coming in to town tonight! hooray! we get to have a fun adult sleepover and we are excited!

ps- a little funny. i cried at MADE yesterday. i have turned in to a real mom.

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