shreeps and skatie.

this weekend our friends skatie came to visit. skatie is actually scott and katie but for my typing pleasure, i will refer to them as skatie. jeffrey and i were so excited for them to come and to have a fun adult sleepover! skatie are on staff with campus crusade for christ and are moving to orlando sometime soon-ish so we spent the weekend craigslisting cute houses in thornton park, drinking sparkletini, making cupcakes and walking by the perfect house in midtown.

jackson and i waited on the porch for skatie to arrive...
so when they got here we all were of course starving so we decided to make pizza! while the delicious pizza was cookin away, we were fully entertained while watching jackson eat. here he is with a very becoming black bean beard.  yummm.

then our pizza was finally done and we ate it. we ate it all.
so then later we made cupcakes at midnight because i promised scott i would make them. we decided to put a little red food coloring the batter and we even added a few more sprinkles to our funfetti frosting. what can we say? we are gourmet.
gourmet baker katie. proud of our work.
so to finish off this weekend update i will give you a new word along with its definition...

shreeps: shreeps is sort of like sleep but refers more to the smell of sleep. katie can smell shreeps on scott even as he is falling asleep. then in the morning jackson smelled like shreeps. shreeps is just a wonderful smell and word. yay for the skatie dictionary!

a funny thing will be on the next post so get ready, its funnnnnay.

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