mommmm my lip hurts!

darby. she is in paris here because she travels the world and is just soooo cool. she was my maid of honor and i love her very much. this is for you d.

hello. my name is kathleen and i am allergic to almost all lip balms. blistex, chap stick, burts bees, bath and body works, and newly my old favorite, carmex. well to make a long story short my lips swell up and it usually gone in a day or so but this time there were complications and i ended up in the emergency room, deathly afraid that my lips might be falling off. they arent. thank the Lord.

but this post is specially dedicated to darby. darbilicious, i love you. you are a wonderful friend and i miss you. mmmmmmy miss you.

it is also just a little excuse for me to show you the delicious drinks from the weekend. we had peach sparkletini with grenadine and blueberry beer. it is so fun to enjoy friends and watching sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. (in which i was very disappointed)

so goodnight, i am truly jealous of every person for being able to use chapstick. lucky ducks.

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