happy birthday mr chuck!

today is jeffrey's birthday! unlike me, he doesnt relish in his birthday and tell everyone he sees that today is his day. he is happy with some birthday love and dinner...what an easy guy to please. so in celebration of jeffrey's 22nd year we have gone to morning coffee, he is allowed to play madden 09, getting a wonderful and relaxing haircut and then we will go out to dinner.mmm.

this is the birthday boy ad i. i am a lucky lady.

this is the birthday boy a little over a year ago. burllly.
and today. the 22nd anniversary of the day of his birth. ooh and hes wearing the lovely jcrew cardigan i got for him, my glasses and a pipe, just for looks.
hes a little weird, but i sure do love him so happy birthday jeffrey! is that your name? okay ill call you chuck, can i call you chuck e cheese?

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