hotties, hills and happiness.

this weekend  was lovely. i usually feel like people use the adjective lovely when they think that something was in fact, quite the opposite of lovely but in this case, it suits. it was a weekend full of celebration, relaxation and the christmas spirit. thursday was, as you recall, the hubby's birthday. and for that he received a real haircut from my parents! we decided to go with an edgy faux hawk style and here he is... i think he is a hottie. i also sound like a middle schooler when i say hottie but we are married, so i guess its okay.

the hottie in the new shirt i got him.

so that was all on thursday. friday while jeffrey was taking his last final, i was enduring a migraine and little bear was taking a nap, i watched (through one eye) guy fieri from the food network. now i must say that usually, he makes too much meat for me. but oooh on friday he made fish tacos with black bean salad that i just couldnt pass up! so, i didnt! i made them that night for our friends alex and kim. only a little tip: i didnt fry them fish because i really dont enjoy the tempura flavor but used just the crusty panko and pan cooked them and they were perfect. kim, being the holiday spirited person she apparently is, was genius enough to bring over the santa clause and i just melted. it is what i love most. making dinner for a house full of people (4 is a lot, we have a small house) and then enjoying Christmas. hmmmmm.

dorothy b oven park's festival of lights with the greenes was on the agenda for saturday evening and to my surprise, jackson was enraptured. he would not let us touch him the entire time we were there, except to steer him away from going home with strangers.

see, here is, full of joy. haha.
but really, he did love it and found a long hillish slope that he would walk up and then run down, about 5 times while we were there. needless to say when we got home, it tooke about 2 seconds to go to sleep. 
sunday was our last day of relaxing.  and the perfect day. i used to dislike sundays in my more rebellious years. they always meant i couldnt hang out with my friends when i wanted and blah i had to have family time. now, sorry mom and dad, i love them. most likely because i love our church and really feel that it is just an extension of our home and i have my own family now. 

little bear and i cuddling. well im cuddling and he is resisting.

so enjoy your day. relax if you can. drink some coffee and kefir and remember how blessed you are. ohhhh also, i want to run the tallahassee half marathon in february and really wanted to run for a cause or a charity. so i know like 3 people read this but if you know anyone who would want to sponsor me, let me know!

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