san diego. and love.

darby and her soon to be mr., steve!

we are in san diego for the holidays. that is my excuse for not posting in like two weeks. really, it is the fact that i was preparing for the trip, working as much as possible before the departure and trying to get all of my gifts in order. then, sadly, i left my beloved camera, what did i name him again?, in the car while at the airport. boo. so we are here, no pictures to prove that my story is true but on an exciting note...DARBY, whom i dedicated a post to a few weeks back, was proposed to on saturday, december 20th! hoooray! she is engaged to steve, who we love so of course we are more than excited for them to start their life together as mr and mrs musha! 

so that is it for now, i am on vacation and therefore will be a minimal blogger over the next 6 days but soon, i will return. merry christmas to you and your loved ones, enjoy the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ the King!

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