a long time coming...

hello world. today i return and of course, come with stories and photos in hand. the wonderful vacation began with such excitement...steve had called me and told me he was proposing to darby (finally!) and asked if i could make it to the engagement party. in tampa. 3 hours before i left for cali. from orlando. whiiiich is two hours away from tampa. so i said i could! okay backtrack...

first we did our own little family christmas before we left town and little bear got his very own skateboard. people told us this was ridiculous but everyone should see the kid now. he stands up on it and thinks he pretty much the coolest kid around tally.

little bear opening his new joy.
we got all dressed up for the event, obviously.
so back to the musha's... so  made it in time for the surprise and though i could only stay a little while i was there for the celebration of a new life together!

here is D, showing off her bling!
and here we are. classicly posed, of course.
so then we jet setted off to san diego and had a lovely family holiday! when we returned we got to see the mushas again for new years and had a serious dance party. serious.

she is so much more lovely than i but still she takes these outrageously goofy pictures with me. i cannot wait to see their children...
to wrap it all up...we returned home and immediately were filled with sickness. not just the dull, achy, fever kind but the virulent cant-be-more-than-two-steps-from-the-bathroom kind. needless to say, we are over it, thank the Lord, and almost full healthy again. so thats the life update and now on to more interesting feats of 2009!

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