i am an internal undecider.

like right now. i want to blog, but i also have this little thing where i like to keep all my thoughts and life a secret. i sued to be like this all the time but now it mostly just happens when i am reading a lot. yeah books, they consume me. and i must say, rightly so. it was what i wanted to do for a living. not BE a book but write them. how could you not want to pen the beautiful thing that is a book? the binding holds together those glorious pages that will one day inherit the smell of old. mmmm. okay so i am a little crazy but LOOK at them!..

so, obviously ive made the decision to blog because my fingers have continued to think while my mind has wandered elsewhere. annnnnnd back. okay so now that i am finally able to keep something in my stomach (read last post for details on my almost death), i have had the strange desire to bake. juuuuust bake. so i found this delicious recipe on design sponge  and here they are. yummmmm.
 so a little exciting news. this weekend my mother is coming in to town to celebrate mlk jr. not really, but we are using his long weekend to have a creatively fantastic update my house weekend! so get ready for a bazillion of before and afters and just new things on monday! so i leave you this afternoon with some cute pictures of my kid. yeahh i like him plus its cute when he puts on my slipper booties and walks around the porch in them. he is such a ham. but he doesnt eat it!

notice the fsu mat in the background, thatt was a newlywed cave. i am such a nice wife.

good afternoon and happy baking folks!

book and cupcake images via design sponge

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  1. i just want you to know, i love you. and i love that you just wrote a blog about being an undecider :) i can't wait to see before and after pics!! tell your mom i say hello! i miss you and love you!

    i can NOT believe how big your son is! oh my goodness, he is such a handsome little guy