cafe con ____?

today i bought a cute "coffee" sign for 3 dollars and 2 quarters. i like it though i dont quite know which wall it will adorn. this is not that sign.

if you dont already know, i have a deep and meaningful relationship with cafe. i got so hardcore at one point in my life, i drank it black. and venti. dannnng. now i just do a mug or two, and i home brew (much cheaper and i just like it better) with a little half and half. this made me wonder, what do you put in your coffee? or tea? or wheatgrass shot?

i used to work at good ole (or mean ole corporation, however you see it) buckies and i learned that some people dont really appreciate coffee at all. they just smother it in sugar and artificial flavoring and completely lose the original taste. the roast. the smell. coffee is my wine. je l'adore.

tomorrow will be something delightful and lets all look forward to monday when i am giving this blog a little facelift! wooo hoo!

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