la premier menu monday.

last week i was inspired by buttons magee and her recipe for pasta carbonara.
so i made it (even with the bacon!) and added my own little twist by adding some crab for mine and jeffrey's bowls. it was seriously lovely.

so now i am starting this week, and every week to follow with menu mondays!
basically i will plan my menu for the week and hopefully inspire someone!

so this weeks menu...ta da!

spring green salad with lemon garlic vinaigrette
tuesday garlic and lemon salmon
brown rice pilaf
broiled asparagus
wednesday pasta with a lemon cream sauce, fresh mozzarella  and tons of veggies
crusty whole wheat bread
thursday chili (my own vegetarian recipe that is spicy and delicious!)
friday friday we are going on a family day trip to havana, fl so we will most likely do a big lunch out and then end up snacking on veggies and hummus for dinner. still, not bad!
saturday boys night
they will probably eat a tofu/veggie stir fry 
brown rice
sunday black bean quesadillas 
spanish rice

this is my menu...now arriba! and make your own because everybody knows that eating at home is always best :)

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  1. i like this idea!
    giada has a DELISH carbonara recipe...oh man...she uses prosciutto though, yum!