first crush...

yesterday we went to the lichgate tree. if im not mistaken, it is the oldest tree in tallahassee, a hangout for hippies and their children and where jackson had his first crush. her name was saffron (ohhhh yes).

there was a community garden there that reminded me that i, sadly, do not own my house and cannot plant my own green goodness! spring is still lovely and blooming and every morning i have woken up full of energy, even before little bear! 

jackson running away after trying to give saffron a stick he found for like 5 minutes.
as we were leaving. he loves me, obviously.
ohhhh. this is not at the tree. they are just cute little bags i made for our friends for valentines. to show them we love them! which we do!
then something funny happened. the sprinkler turned on in the community garden and then...he ran through it. it was so hilarious i felt like a bad mother for laughing but everyone did. here he is all wet. mmmm love him.

i will not be blogging tomorrow because we will be getting fully packed and ready to go camping wit skatie! so have a lovely valentine's day and show the person/people you love that you care!

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