windows down...or up!

this morning, and actually the past two mornings have be gorgeous outside! and of course the beautiful morning turn in to lovely days so we have been outside 24/7 this weekend. we did a little car wash/play in the yard day on sunday. and after little bear let us sleep until 9! today he and i went for a morning jog.
after our jog i was searching for something delish for breakfast and i found the 3 avocados that i bought last weekend on sale and decided what could be better to use them on than huevos rancheros! (a little edited for baby palettes) they were mmmm good!

here is little bear washing the car. right before he got himself in the face and freaked out...too cute!

so the windows in our house have been up and the car windows have been down as we've been enjoying the outrageous spring weather and i praying that it stays like this for our camping extravaganza  this weekend! hooray for God's creation!

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