i never learned about space.

good morning!
this morning we met up with the machnic's for some java at the redeye and then brought them back to our house for some banana et blueberry pankins. i call them pankins but really they are pancakes and i just want little bear to call them pankins.

okay enough about that.

jeffrey is watching a space movie right now and he inquired about the gas planets. "which ones are the gas planets?" he asks. yeah. i have no clue. i actually dont even remember ever learning about space. i know the planets are like -someones mom brought us pizza or something- but really i have no idea.

dont question my intelligence because of this. i am intelligent and i know things (see how smart i sound?) this is just not my area of expertise. as my good friend steve musha says "you know this *$%! bores me." he is marrying darby. she loves that space stuff.

okay now i am off to clean my house! hooray for swiffers and clorox wipes and hangers! and hooray for the weekend. enjoy yours as i will enjoy mine!

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