my own photographer.

location: our backyard

muse: little bear

result: an impromptu photo shoot that ended in a busted lip, a runny nose and fingerprints on my lens. what can you do?

so im not saying im the worlds greatest photo capturer buuut i do really like my cool camera and the light this afternoon on our way home from the park was so yummy i couldnt resist!
yes, this is our vine covered fence. he cant open it, the attempts are funny.
if we bought this house, i would plant a garden here.
hes giving it a go...little does he know he should pull, not push.
mommmmm. im waiting.
his last attempt was a run. in to the door. that was the busted lip and the runny nose? well, thats just natural. enjoy folks. see you in the a.m. manana.

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