friday is for chocolate.

this is where i want to be. 
not shoving starbucks vanilla bean truffles in my mouth like i am.

so today was our havana day. its a cute little town just 30 minutes outside of tallahassee and i was excited to flea market and dine there.
vampire husband suggested we go early and do breakfast and enjoy the morning sun. little bear assisted in this idea by waking at 6:45 this morning so we readied and set off. 
sans coffee mind you.

apparently havana, fl doesnt wake up until 11. even for breakfast the signs say.
i was, lets say, upset.
i was without my morning mug, starving, sore and to top it all off, it was gross and humid out so my skin felt slimy and crawly.

needless to say we promptly drove out of the adorable town and went to canopy roads. our fave place to breakfast.

and now the day is off and i a exhausted but the house is clean and tonight
i will learn how to lose friends and alienate people.

have a nice weekend.

ps. mango allergy attack this morning as well. this weekend is going to be great.

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  1. oh no! havana was not so great as you hoped...i'm sorry!! canopy road is still lovely though! can't wait for sleepover :)