weekend update.

so even though this weekend didnt go as perfectly planned as we
had hoped. it was wonderful.
we relaxed.
played naked (well the boys did, halfway).
just played.
pulled a spontaneous chez pierre happy hour dinner. (toddler included)
and we got to talk with other parents about discipline. woo hoo!

oh yeah, and i got another pair of new shoes.
totally justifiable though. they are dual purpose; adorable and darby's wedding.
plus they were a steal at target.

and now for monday menu!

monday: well we had a light dinner that consisted of
asian noodles with bell peppers and edamame
tuesday: im thinking some veggie burgers might be delish
wednesday: viva italiano! eggplant ricotta bake (my version of eggplant parmesan)
thursday: fish tacos with cabbage slaw
friday: homemade pizza!
saturday: skatie will be in town so maybe we will splurge and go to mozaik...ooh lala.
sunday: probably some avocado club sandwiches 

and tomorrow i will have some before pictures of my buffet/bar and dining room table! get excited.

1 comment:

  1. i'm glad your weekend was relaxing :)
    i love the shoes! they are going to look great with the dress!
    and i can't wait to see pics! miss you!
    love you! :)