yes im doing a cleanse, no im not mormon.

so id also like to add, in honor of mardi gras and fat tuesday (which i believe was yesterday)
that as of tomorrow i am doing a cleanse. 
im talking full cleanse too.
seaweed juice.
raw food only.
all that good stuff. 
i will be updating about my cleanse on here. 
side note: this has become a little bit of everything on here hasnt it? hmmm well, the cleanse will be low budge, i will prove it! and it issss smarten!ing up my body.

also. i read the very interesting bloggernacle article that was all over the blogging world yesterday...and i would just like everyone to know (that is if anyone who doesnt know me reads this) that i am not mormon. i think mormons are nice people i just want you to know that i am not one.
i am a non denominational christian who believes in the love of God and showing his love through community and relationships.

the end.

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  1. first off, ew...immediately remove this nasty photo...secondly...cleanse huh?