yes, this is real life.

hello. today is real life.
if you are confused, everyday is actually real life.
but today is one of those not-on-top-of-things-looking-gross real days.
todays real life highlights are as follows...

hello. i have huge lips and eat blueberries instead of napping. 
this is real life.
hello. we are groceries. kathleen has to buy us every 2-3 days (always during rush hour) and this is what we look like.
this is real life.
hello. we are lovely flowers from a wedding last weekend.
this is not usual real life. but we are real.
hello. this is me right now. loooooovely. 
and we dont have the things we need for dinner and our
friend mark will be here for dinner in 2 hours and now little bear is asleep.
this is real life.

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