this is not your year...its mine.

this weekend was so perfect.
i rarely use that word when not talking about inanimate objects but...
it was.
skatie came to town. and found a house. 
we went to devine wines. it was divine.
we had a perfect picnic with the pooles and perdues. (alliteration bonus!)
and that was what made monday so hard.
when things are flowing and then you fall out of step.
anywho, no monday menu this week on account of the fact that we are going out of town and i am working every second of the next 2 days.
did i mention i hate work?
joseph conrad once tried to convince to like it, but he did not succeed.
no matter the fact that monday was rough, this feels like our year.
our time.
i felt alive this morning.
time change? perhaps.
God's love and grace inside of me? definitely.

so in this montage of photos you will see:

my handsome hubs.
my child. 
katie looking so artsy.
the AFTER of my dresser now turned buffet/bar.
me! (a special guest appearance)

enjoy your night.
see you tomorrow, maybe.

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